Our corporate philosophy focuses on the goal of enthusing our customers through a team of professionals who, with their entrepreneurial spirit and know-how, work collectively to ensure a successful future.

How We Enthuse our Customers and Ourselves

Initiative and responsibility:

The individual is of the utmost importance.

Team spirit:

Nobody can do it all on their own, together we can achieve more.


Passion for the work we do and a love for detail lead to success.

Being ahead:

Constant improvement extends our lead – trading means changing.


Efficient working practices cut expenses, help preserve the environment and bring success.

People are the most important central force of the economy. This mentality also applies to the design of industrial cooperation and relationships. Our core value is trust. Trust is built on transparency and open communication as well as a handshake. We see the workplace as more than just a place of power but also as a place of education, a place for social contacts and a source of personal recognition. Our philosophy won us the „Best Place To Work“ award in 2004 . This award is a reminder for us to continue on this path.

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